Irons For Sale

The irons posted here represent a portion of the irons we have for sale. There are hundreds more in our Antique shop in Northampton, Pa. Let us know about your iron wants and we can send out pictures and prices. Also, we maybe interested in BUYING IRONS FROM YOU. Please send pictures and details and we can discuss prices.

Worldwide shipping is available. Antique irons are also offered for sale. A select number from many of the categories can be viewed on-line and bought and even more irons are available from a large inventory.

1. A Hungarian charcoal, VULCAN with a drop-away bottom toremove ashes, g to vg condition, 8 1/2″

Price $650

2. A French handmade slug iron, rear stirrup, w slug, late 1700′s, all original, vg condition 6 3/4″

Price $1400

3. Handmade European drop-in-the-back, leaf end to the posts, early 1800′s, leather wrapped handle, vg condition, 7 1/2″

Price $800

4. European wrought, one piece tailors iron, early 1800′s vg condition, 8″

Price $250

5. Revolving combination Carver iron, FAMILY LAUNDRY IRON, w/slug, PAT FEB 18, 1894, vg condition, 6 1/4″

Price $900

5. Unusual detachable handle, twist to release, WHCo PAT, with 3 bases, #1,2,and 3, vg condition

Price $250

6. HEWITT, revolving combination fluter, (fluter plate attached), PAT MARCH 3, 1873, spring works but weak, g to vg condition

Price $400

7. Combination fluter, enclosed brass fluter plates, 1871, good condition, 1871, 5 5/8 ”

Price $400

8. Advertizing tailors iron, JOS M HAYES ST LOUIS WOOLEN CO, vg condition, 3 1/2″

Price $570

9. European brass oxtongue, decorative gate and posts, vg condition, 7 1/2″

Price $270

10. Unusual European nat gas iron, vg condition, 8″

Price $310